Baz Bus was lifted off the ground in November 1995 by Barry Zeidel, a qualified accountant, entrepreneur, and retired backpacker. Barry had traveled around Europe as a backpacker on a similar concept. He was amazed at the benefits of the service and did not have to worry about the stresses of driving a car in a strange town. He was not stuck in a rigid itinerary and best of all he met many other like-minded travelers.

When he came back to South Africa he did intensive research into backpacking around the country. South Africa did not have a developed infrastructure, especially in the form of public transportation, making it more difficult for backpackers to get around.

A passion for traveling and a dedicated hard working team helped to create this unique transport network in South Africa. Today, after 21 years of success travel all around the country, Baz Bus is a leading force in the Tourism Industry and carry over 10 000 independent travelers each year! Baz Bus now collects travelers from over 200 backpacker hostels, guest houses, lodges and hotels along our route catering for every budget & travel style.


Our passengers come from all over the world and are encouraged to meet fellow passengers on board the bus and share travel stories. Our passengers’ safety is our top priority. Passengers are never left unattended and are escorted by the driver into the accommodation of their choice.


Baz Bus has a fleet of 22-seater semi-luxury busses, all with onboard Wifi, TVs & DVDs, USB port, air-conditioning and trailers capable of carrying surfboards and bicycles. One of the busses carries a trailer of mountain bikes and is used for our 100% fun Cape Peninsula day tour.

Our qualified and friendly drivers are dedicated to make your Baz Bus adventure a memorable one and have a lot of stories to share.


Baz Bus is committed to promoting South Africa as a preferred destination and recognizes the importance of intense international marketing to increase the flow of travelers to South Africa. Our well-established transport network provides these travelers with a safe and reliable way to travel the country.


Baz Bus team includes 37 permanent staff around the country. We offer intense in-house training for all our staff, equipping them with high service levels to communicate with our guests.


Baz Bus strives to be a proactive company involving ourselves in various community projects.

Every year, to coincide with our annual Baz Bus birthday bash, we visit a children’s school or creche and make a donation and have an interactive fun day.

In the past few years, we have supported various projects: soccer teams in Hout Bay, a children’s shelter in Woodstock, Wola Nani’s community centre in Khayelitsha for women & children living with HIV/ AIDS, building a new school in the township of Dunoon etc.


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